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Hep C Warriors Support Group

Hep C Warriors Friday Forum Support Group for Patients & Families

Hepatitis C Treatment Medications


There are a variety of hepatitis C treatment medications offered for all genotypes, with various stages of liver disease today. Until a few years ago there were only two treatments available to treat Hepatitis C and for the first time bring a cure for the Hep C virus.   Improvements in Hepatitis C treatment include majority of …

Stethoscope And Pills
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Facts about Hep C Alternative Treatments


Every patient needs the facts about Hep C alternative treatments. Herbal treatments and alternative liver medicines need to undergo rigorous scientific study before they can be recommended. “Natural” or dietary treatments and herbal remedies can be quite dangerous and can actually harm your liver and accelerate damage. Always talk to your doctor before you take …

Doctor Talking To His Female Patient
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